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What's Next....

neighbors supporting each other and our community as we age

Our purpose. To help members age at home comfortably, safely, and independently while remaining engaged in the organization and the broader community. We will accomplish this with educational events and social activities, facilitation of volunteer engagement, creation of an infrastructure of communication, and encouragement of responsible planning for end-of-life.

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It all started when...

a group of us got together and started talking about how happy we are that we've made our homes in southeast Baltimore and how we'd like to stay here as we age.  We want to keep in touch with each other, remain active, continue to volunteer and support each other.  We decided to find others who wanted to join us, plan some activities to help us get to know each other and find some structure to help us support each other and our community.  See what we're up to and let us know if you'd like to join us.

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From the beginning…

  • We started in the fall of 2016 by identifying neighbors committed to staying in their homes around Patterson Park as they age. In the past few months we've found over 50 neighbors who want to stay in the neighborhood, stay active in the community and meet others with common goals.

  • In the winter of 2017 we had a number of small house gatherings to talk about shared excitement and concerns about aging in this community. We've had two larger gatherings where we all came together in one place to meet, socialize and brainstorm ideas.

  • In the spring of 2017 we formed four committees, each charged with planning a few events. Using a list of brainstormed ideas of activities we thought would be fun and helpful, each committee began to meet, organize an event and invite the group.

  • Over the summer and fall of 2017 our members enjoyed these smaller gatherings. We launched our website at a celebration party in December of 2018 and asked interested neighbors to register as members through our website's membership page.

  • The steering committee incorporated the organization with the State of Maryland in May of 2018. The legal documents defining our organization are available for viewing here:

Articles of Incorporation
Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Our first annual meeting of the membership was held on January held on January, 25, 2019. See minutes and treasurer’s report. Our annual membership dues for 2019 was set at $10 a person. Visit the JOIN US page to pay your dues.


  • Our social committee planned a potluck breakfast in Patterson Park to follow a Saturday morning bird walk organized by Patterson Park Audubon. We spent an hour in the park with our binoculars and a guide and then had coffee and great breakfast treats at the picnic tables near the fountain. Later social events included a holiday cookie party, a games night, and a tree walk in Patterson Park

  • Our education committee launched two events. We gathered at the home of one of our members, watched some Ted Talk videos on making choices about aging and death, had a chance to talk about the speaker's views with each other and shared some great desserts. In the Learning Circle event, three our our own members presented small group workshops on Tai Chi, Using your Smart Phone and Book Making.

  • Volunteer Committee. As many of our members are individually committed to volunteering in the neighborhood with our local schools, community associations and charities, the volunteer committee is focused on sharing information among members about volunteer opportunities.

  • A fourth committee Membership & Communication manages the website, communications with members through an on-line newsletter and registers new members.

  • The original steering committee, now transformed into the board of directors, guides the committees and continues to work on formalizing the organization and improving communication between members. Board members and minutes of their meetings are available on the Resources Page.